Purple Wedding Shoes

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Choosing The Right Wedding Shoes

One of the greatest expenses for any wedding is the clothes worn by the bride; in fact, the dress alone can usually set the budget back quite a bit. Some brides are lucky enough to receive the dress worn my their mother or some other female relative offering to help out. The entire ensemble is usually complemented by a complete makeover to the face and hairstyle. One thing that many people forget is the shoes, in fact, it is possible to wear purple wedding shoes and it could still go unnoticed. The fact remains that the shoes are probably just as important as the rest of the outfit and here is why.

Matching all

When the shoes come up for debate the budget is usually running very thin. This means that there is a temptation to choose footwear that fits into a price range rather than your feet. Ideally, the shoes should match the style and elegance of the dress. It is not uncommon to discard any consideration for matching and choose purple wedding shoes instead. There is nothing wrong with the color purple, however, unless the wedding party is being highlighted with purple this might not be your best option. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for which simply means the shoes may be leaving your feet sooner than you planned.


There are a few very basic requirements when it comes to purchasing a pair of wedding shoes. The cost factor will undoubtedly be on the top of that list but comfort and a style that matches should be a close second and third. There is nothing wrong with choosing a pair of purple wedding shoes to complete your ensemble if that is who you are. Whatever shoes you end up choosing make sure to allow plenty of time to break them in.

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